Salute to all women!

This post goes to all women who have nurtured, inspired and fought for the rights we have now. I wouldn’t be writing this blog post if it weren’t for the people who have fought for the rights that we, as a woman, have acquired now. Hence, I am very lucky to be born in this generation.

Sadly even with these rights, there are still women around the world that gets abused, looked down upon and don’t have the same rights as every other women in other countries. Let us all be their voices and with all of us doing so, we can help them to be heard and gain the rights they deserve.

Instead of judging each other, we should push each other up. As the saying goes, “united we stand, divided we fall”. Also, having the freedom to do whatever it is that we think is good for our own body. Not having someone dictate whatever they think is good for us. Let us use our own voice to speak out!

Gender shouldn’t be a hindrance into achieving your goals and dreams. In fact, take this as an inspiration to push through and to achieve whatever it is your mind wants to. With women starting to dominate in a lot of industries, it just shows that we really can do whatever it is that we set our mind to.

So go out there and remember that you can certainly do it!



By Ajae

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