New year, new domain!

Cheers to a new year! WOOP WOOP!

Even though I’m posting this halfway on the first month of this year.

I am not here to talk about how it’s a new year and  me aiming for a newer me or in short, “New year, new me”. I believe that we can change what it is we intend to change any time. Whether you like it done during new years, that is totally fine. You can have a sudden burst of inspiration and motivation and with that both of these present, you can start to change by starting with small steps. Long story short, I won’t be having any new year’s resolutions as I know myself, I won’t even try to do. It’s from an experience of celebrating new years. 😉

Though there is this one thing that I have been wanting to do any day of the year but had never intended on starting it. This change that I have always been dreamed of and that is to start exercising and care for my body.

I have already started  doing it last December. I started to do yoga during finals week. I was so stressed with finals and since I am taking two of the hardest subject to take in a semester, namely Managerial Accounting and Entrepreneurship, I thought I needed to do something that can help in de-stressing without breaking my wallet and yoga was the thought I had. And I watched tutorials for beginners and I found “Yoga with Adriene”.

I did yoga for one week everyday. The first day was painful, my hips started hurting as I was sore from all the stretching that was done but it felt good as I just took my first step into a change that I wanted to happen to me. And here I am still continuing since I started to take that first step into trying to be healthy. I have changed my routine now as I jog every 2 days and for someone who has hated sports, exercise or anything that requires me moving, this is a big move. Now next on my goals would be to turn this chore to a habit and that takes time and discipline.

Also, I am going to be more active with posting on this blog. This will be a blog of anything that my minds intends to think of. I will try to find inspiration in every thing I do and try to write my opinion about. So basically, this will be like a personal diary(not too personal isn’t it?) slash blog. A virtual diary that I can read back to even when I get old.

I am looking forward for more first steps for the changes I want to do throughout this year. And hoping the motivation in me will not leave me yet!

On my next post, I will be talking about my Christmas trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Au revoir!


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