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As the saying goes, “there’s no better place like home”. I certainly agree to this statement especially for I have not been to the Philippines for the last 2 years. I was travelling a lot during the past 2 years and my holidays are usually spent in a province in Thailand or in Cambodia. And those 2 years have been the best years of my life so far. I was able to see an unfamiliar place and get to discover it bit by bit as the days of my stay there passes, to eat foods that my palate has not tasted yet and lastly, meet a lot of interesting people that helped me broaden my understanding about everything.
I was a bit scared for my Filipino as I barely speak it here in Thailand because the people that I am usually with are not Filipinos. My first language in Thailand is English and usually switching to these 2 languages was not this hard but if you don’t speak Filipino at all then it is.
As soon as my plane landed, I had to get my Filipino speaking skills warmed up. There were times where I couldn’t say an specific word in Filipino but all in all it was pretty good. Speaking to the locals made me recover my native tongue.

With my pretty sister about to start a good night

I stayed in the Philippines for a week and 3 days. Spent 1 week in Davao and 3 days in Manila. I missed a week of classes for this short trip but it was all worth it. Being in your home country has a completely different homey feeling as I am so used to staying in Thailand. I felt like a tourist at some point for I forgot how to commute using public transportations but in the end I still got it.
There was this one incident where I took the shuttle bus to go from NAIA terminal 2 to NAIA terminal 3 and guess what I forgot to do. To change my money as I have Thai baht with me and no peso in hand at all. I had to ask a random stranger for 20 pesos and he was nice enough to lend me some and didn’t want me to pay even though I insisted. I know I won’t be able to see that nice stranger anymore but thanks to you I got to the other terminal just in time.
I won’t be doing the usual long talk of what I did in the place for I spent most of my days there with my family. Aside from the fact that I did not take that much pictures aside from very few selfies. I barely took photos while I was there so I had to rely from my sister for the photos I got.
Being in your home country again felt really good and comfortable. No more worries on wondering what they are saying as you can understand everything that the people around you says. As my Thai skills are far from being good, I still do have difficulties in speaking and understanding Thai. Hearing everyone around you speak Filipino makes you feel homey or as we would like to say nostalgic.
The first thing that got me really excited to be home and the first thing I did as I landed was to eat Jollibee. I missed Jollibee a lot! As I has a connecting flight from Bangkok to Davao, I had to switch airport terminals and the terminal I went to had Jollibee. And as soon as I checked in all my baggage, I went straight to Jollibee as I still had a lot of spare time. And boy, it was still good. The spaghetti still brings back some memories from when I was young. The red chopped hotdogs with drowning in red sweet sauce and topped with cheddar cheese. Nom nom nom!

My first meal as soon as I arrived in PH!

Dimsum overloaded!

I spent most of my days there with family and did all the things that I missed when I lived in the Philippines. I wanted to do everything but sadly a week and 3 days were not enough to do all of those. I wanted to stay longer but I had student duties that needs to be fulfilled back in Thailand.
Though there is this one thing that made me realize about going back to Philippines, I have grown a lot mentally. From being this shy, naïve and totally clueless girl to someone who is independent, more empowered and matured lady. It is nice to cherish what you used to be when you were young but I am prouder of who I am now.
Basically, going home felt more like a knock in the head and made me realize and rethink of all my goals. It also helped me get to know myself better and learned on how to work on improving myself.
It’s a win-win situation. Not only do I get to eat the foods I’ve been meaning to eat but I also got to know myself better. I can’t wait to go back home and explore more of what my country has to offer. But before that, got to start saving up and werk werk werk.
Thailand might be my new home but Philippines will always have the first spot for it!

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