This province is one of the most popular places to go to here in Thailand. And you’ll understand when you get there. You will see tourists almost everywhere!  And so many things to do there whether may it be seeing elephants, tigers and snakes. Or if you are up for being adventurous, you can do bungee jumping, zipline and even sight seeing using ATVs. And Chiang Mai, for me is like smaller version of Bangkok.

Let me tell you a brief introduction and history of Chiang Mai. It is located in the Northern part of Thailand and is among one of the top places to go to in Thailand. It’s a backpacker’s paradise! So Chiang Mai used to be what they call “Lanna Kingdom” and if you are in Chiang Mai you will see this almost everywhere so at least now you have an idea of what it used to be called. Lanna Kingdom was under Burma for more than 200 years and was recaptured by the Thais after. They built brick walls around the inner city and established a river port which is called Tha Pae now. King Rama VII with Queen Rambaibani rode the city with an 84 elephant caravan. around 1927. In 1933, Chiang Mai officially became a province of Siam (which is Thailand now).

It’s my second time coming back to this beautiful province. I didn’t really got to see much of the place the first time I went there. I was usually hangover or too tired in the morning to go see places. But during my 3 day and 2 nights stay there, I tried to do everything that I wanted to do the first time I came here back then.

The first day, I went to a cooking school. The one I went to is called “Thai Akha Cooking School” and we cooked around 11 dishes! Which consisted of 2 appetisers, 2 desserts, one curry paste, 3 other Thai dishes and 3 Akha dishes. We had around 9 students during our class. And it was a pretty exhausting day of cooking, a lot of eating and chit chatting with our fellow students. Since I suck at documenting, I just took several photos of what I did.


Second day, we drove all the way to Mae Sa falls by motorbike and it took us 45 minutes to get all the way there with the help of the trusty Google Map of course. Even with the sunblock, I still got tanned. Me and my girlfriend walked all they way to level 8 out of the 10 levels. We got tired and we both have this fear of heights and as I am not the fittest person so we decided to go down to level 6 to swim. We were sweaty and needed to swim as soon as possible.


Trying my best to pose amidst the cold water

Since I myself is a self proclaimed avocado fan and most of the avocados I’ve bought here in Thailand is mostly from Chiangmai, I couldn’t miss a chance to hoard on those precious fruits. The good thing about Asia is you will see fruits being sold on the side of the street and I saw one on the way to the waterfalls. And yeap, I bought like 2 kilos of avocado and some mangosteen. I would have bought more if I could as these are quite expensive in Bangkok.


Yaay for fruits stands

And at the night time, we went to Saturday Night Market and quite bought a lot of things. It’s hard to resist myself especially when everything is so cheap. Let’s just say we came to the night market with 1 small bag each and went back to the hotel with a big bag each. And what’s good with night markets are the food. So you will never get hungry in a night market in Thailand. I didn’t get to take a picture of the night market as I was too indulged with shopping. lol

On our last day there, we were suppose to go to the Chiang Mai Zoo but it suddenly started raining from the moment we got out so the plan had to be cancelled. We went to Chiang Mai City Arts & Cultural Center as it was the best thing to do for it’s an indoor attraction and it was still raining around that time. The museum wasn’t that big but it showed the history of Chiang Mai. You just have to read a lot though as there is too much information too read. You can also just browse through the pictures which I did because I got tired of reading.

They had another museum in front of it which called “Lanna Folklife Museum”. This museum showcased how the locals life were during the Lanna Kingdom. They had statues, exbihits showcasing what tools, clothes and even some arts were used during Lanna Kingdom. Not that much reading required so you just walk around to see the statues and other exhibits. It’s a good museum all in all and the staffs were helpful as well.

Our flight was scheduled around afternoon so we went back to the hotel and did our last minute packing and off to go to the airport.

Another thing I forgot to mention was that the King of Thailand died on the day we arrived there in Chiang Mai. Sending my condolences to the people of Thailand. The night we arrived, you can sense the grief and sadness when the news was announced. You can feel the love that Thai people have for HM Bhumibol Adulyadej. Everyone was mourning and entertainments were not allowed for a month of mourning for the passing of the King. It was a very sad day for Thai people. Wearing black or white was a way of showing your condolences for the passing of the King.

This post was supposed to be done a month ago but school projects took over my free time and posting this trip never crossed my mind. Nevertheless, my trip was really enjoyable and I will come back for sure and explore more places in Chiang Mai. 3 days and 2 nights weren’t enough. So many things to do yet so little time. This trip was a birthday gift to myself after all the work and studying I have been doing the past few months. And it was definitely worth it of waiting! Off to more adventures that will be posted here for sure!

Au revoir!


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